50,000 Shades of Pink!

I’ve been trying to write our wedding day story and keep finding myself at a loss for words with how fantastical it was. We had such beautiful weather and such a great group of folks supporting us! Looking back over our day, I really can't believe how well it went. Used to, I would have nitpicked all the details that didn't go as planned to death and been SOOO disappointed, but in my old age, that just isn't worth the energy anymore and I can focus on what went right.

Six months ago, we knew exactly what we wanted to do. Elope to Tennessee in April, just the two of us. Everything was planned. Everything was purchased. Reservations made. Then a worldwide pandemic was declared. A travel ban. My dress on lockdown somewhere else. My seamstress in the hospital with pancreatitis. Ya know, everything you’d expect during a wedding season.

Then we were holding onto a date with a venue in May, wondering where we’d be...well, that got nixed pretty quickly and we were stuck in limbo. With everything on lockdown, there just wasn’t a way to move forward with planning. But, once our county started to open back up, I got a hair-brain idea to try my hand at a Zoom wedding and poured my heart and soul into making it happen in about three weeks.

Sure, we could have waited until everyone could be in person with us or until we had recouped the money to do it up real big with all the vendors we needed (even an event planner should have an event planner for their own events, let me tell you!) or I lost all the weight I've gained back or I could utilize professional cosmetology (seriously all hair and makeup was DYI’d) or, or, or, (the list is long) but hey, this is real life, we are here, right now, in this world, and we have an absolute rollercoaster ride of a story involving this wedding.

So, after 3 plans, 3 venues, 6 wedding dresses, 2 seamstresses, countless emails to county officials to get a license, hours of graphic redesign, thousands of dollars lost, 100 cupcakes, an accident the morning of, 41 favor boxes created and shipped out for 115 people, 1 dead deer at the entrance, 1 failed Zoom recording, and 3 silent videos, we can call each other husband and wife! Going from planning an elopement to planning a small ceremony for 20, with 95 Zoom attendees is no easy feat. I am so thankful for my groom, our kiddos, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, church, pastor, and the good Lord for making this day happen.

I REALLY love seeing how folks tuned in with us and enjoyed the packages we delivered out to folks. It wouldn't have been possible without everyone supporting us, pitching in to help, and/or lending an ear to all the thoughts and anxieties, as well as, talking me down from some unrealistic expectations I had running through my brain these last few weeks.

Order of events:


First Look

Gift Exchange


Planting Our New Family Tree

First Dance

Cake Cutting


All décor, flowers, coordination, make up/hair by myself

Professional photos by Jenn Hamm with Eyemuse Photography

Cake and cupcakes by Bake Me a Cake, Etc

Dress from Torrid

Delivery by FedEx

Venue: Genesis Church, Bloomington, Indiana

Officiant: Pastor Timothy Woodcock

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